If you have been dancing Argentine Tango for several years, you may have probably already realized that it does not matter how many classes, practicas or Milongas you attend a week, or how much you want to improve and get better at your dancing; there is one component that you won’t be able to change: TIME.  Tango needs time to mature, to develop, to be part of you and regardless of all of the above, unless you can invent some Learn-Tango-Quickly hormone, what you are left with is PATIENCE.  With that said, you can always work on certain things that will make you a better dancer as your Argentine Tango “ripens”.

  1. Patience:  Patience is key to learning Argentina Tango.  You need to allow time for your mind to understand it and your body to feel it.
  2. Fundamentals: Master them. Take & re-take fundamental classes.  You may think that taking it once is enough.  Think again.  You will learn things from a different perspective.  These are the building blocks, the stronger these are, the easier it will be later on.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I already took the fundamentals class…” – Wrong attitude!
  3. Embrace:  Embrace like you mean it! This, at least to me, is the essence of Argentine Tango. As from the movie “Fermin”, in each embrace there is a story – that’s what you dance…
  4. Stick to One Teacher:  Teachers have a building block and a process; changing teachers constantly, especially at the beginning, will not create a solid foundation.  Pick who you want to study with and stick with them for at least 6 months.  Remember WAX ON\WAX OFF from the Karate Kid movie? You may think you are not learning, but your body is…
  5. Practice:  The more you practice the better; but practice the fundamentals and embrace. As you progress, you can start practicing other concepts.

These are just a few tips that I hope will help you become a better dancer, whether you are starting or need to go back to the fundamentals… Believe me, the rewards are awesome!