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Victoria Sarquisse and Federico Jorquera, born and raised in Argentina, are young salon and show style tango dancers and instructors.  Their tango technique is elegant and dynamic, yet relaxed and focused on connection and musicality. While teaching they emphasize on the use of music as the true guidance for movement and expression; dancing with harmony as a perfect synchronization of rhythm between dancers, creating a new joyful sensation for this ultimate seductive dance.

Victoria is the creator of TangoFlex, the newest Tango training specialized for increasing flexibility, balance, and body control; perfectly designed to complement the dancers’ movement. She also specializes in footwork technique and woman embellishments, offering classes and specialized workshops nationally and internationally (holding certifications in: Fitness, Yoga, Flexibility Training, Spinning, and Dance).  Federico specializes in musicality, body positioning, and connection.  They recently taught and performed in various cities in the US, Argentina, and Ecuador.  In December Victoria also taught classes at “Cancilleria Argentina” for the Argentinean Government and at the “Escuela Argentina de Tango” in Buenos Aires.

Remarkable Presentations in 2010:

  • Featured at the Midsummer Night Swing festival at the Lincoln Center in New York City in July
  • Performed LIVE on TV in New York City Channel 11 “Morning News”
  • Formed part of the “Masters of Tango Gala and Show” at the United States Tango Congress and Festival in Miami, performing on stage with some of the best tango dancers in the world including Miriam Larici, Leo Barrionuevo, Romina Levin, Claudio Villagra and Gustavo Naveira and Gisselle Anne
  • They performed on a theatre production with the remarkable orchestra Quintango in their US tour
  • Performed at La Casa de La Cultura in Quito, Ecuador; where they also taught a series of Tango workshops to local Tango Instructors
  • Performed live with Argentina’s neo-tango orchestra “Otros Aires” in the orchestra’s first appearance in the US
  • Featured dancers at the ARTE 2010 Tampa Bay’s Festival of the Americas
  • Tango Instructors at Argentine Tango Cruise Week taking place on February 13-20, 2011 at the Ruby Princess, Princess’ Newest Ship.

Victoria & Federico live and teach in Tampa, FL, and are the Directors of Tampa Tango Argentino Webpage: www.TampaTangoArgentino.com

…..A Little History About Us…

Victoria Sarquisse, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina; started her artistic career in Ballet as young as 4 years old. As a very active child, she could not stop flipping, swinging, and climbing…so her mom also signed her up for Gymnastics.  What started as a hobbie ended up as a lifestyle. Just a few years later she became a member of the National Gymnastics Federation of Argentina, and she was competing at National Championships.  Victoria participated in national and international Gymnastics Competitions winning many titles.  As part of the gymnastics curriculum (which included dance and classical training) she studied Ballet with a dance instructor, ballerina, and performer of el “Teatro Colon”. Victoria’s favorite event was Floor Exercise and her favorite routine was, of course, a Tango (Fuga y Misterio de Piazzola).  Since that first tango danced at a competition in GEBA (Gymnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires); she knew that Tango was, one day, going to become her life.
After 15 years of hard training, Victoria moved to the US as a recipient of a scholarship in gymnastics.  She taught Gymnastics and Ballet at Browns Gymnastics in Orlando and LaFleurs Gymnastics in Tampa, Florida.  In addition to Tango she also studied several dance movements and techniques (including certifications) in: Yoga, Flexibility, Spin, Zumba, and Weight Training which she teaches at Powerhouse Gym and at the YMCA in Tampa, FL. Victoria is also an Adjunct Professor of Communications at HCC (Hillsborough Community College).

Federico Jorquera, born in Mendoza, Argentina and raised in: Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, and Mexico was exposed to many beats and dances from Latin America.  He plays the piano and the guitar.  Rhythm is in his bloodstream!  Tango became his main focus when he met Victoria at the University of Central Florida in 2001.  At UCF Victoria got her Master’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication with a minor in International Business and Marketing and Federico got his Computer Engineering degree.


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