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New 6-Week Beginners Tango Classes start on the date below.

- Beginners Argentine Tango – January 22nd, 2018 from 7pm-8pm!

Classes are held at 5320 S. MacDill Ave, Tampa FL

Tango Fantasy Festival 2010; Masters and Teachers

Learn Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a social partnered dance of improvisation and connection where every step is led - from a simple side step to a complex pattern.  The nature of improvisation in Argentine Tango creates endless possibilities in the dance and allows for the expression and interpretation  of the music by both dancers through body movement, embellishments and rhythm.  Because everyone expresses themselves differently, every dancer and every dance is different.  The embrace coupled with the seductive body movement makes Argentine Tango a unique and addictive dance for everyone regardless of age and why it’s many times referred as to the “Everest of All Dances”.  Argentine Tango is communication without words…

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Our Initial Education Program:

At TampaTangoArgentino, we are committed to get you dancing Argentine Tango as quickly as possible with the right technique.  Our program includes 3 initial levels that take approximately 16 weeks to complete.  The primary focus of these levels is on the fundamentals of Argentine Tango that will be required for more complex sequences and getting you to the next level, improving your confidence with each level.  Students must demonstrate the technique and lead\follow the material covered in each level before moving to the next level.  The instructors will make recommendations to those that require additional training prior to moving to the next course level.

Classes in this program are offered on Monday nights.

Continuing Education:

Once the Initial Education Program is completed (based on demonstration of lead\follow of concepts covered), students can either retake the Initial Program again or move the Continuing Education Program, or take both.  Topics in the Continuing Education program do not follow a specific program, but focus on different topics and duration which are announced ahead of time on our weekly newsletter.

Classes in this program are offered on Monday & Friday nights.


Milongas are social gatherings that are well attended by novice and advanced dancers where you can enjoy dancing with different people and improving your skills.  TampaTangoArgentino offers two Milongas:  Milonga “De Los Viernes” and Milonga “La Portenita”.

Milonga “De Los Viernes” (Every Friday from 9pm-12am):  This is a traditional Milonga  and is the perfect time to get used to dancing Argentine Tango.

The duration and further description of each class is described below:

Initial Education:

AT-101:  Tango Beg I (6 Weeks):  This class focuses on the basics of Argentine tango.  Leading\following, connection, the walk, ochos and other variations.

AT-102:  Tango Beg II (6 Weeks):  This class focuses on giros (turns), molinete (grapevine), and the technique necessary to execute circular movement and changes of direction.

AT-103:  Tango Close Embrace  (6 Weeks):  This class focuses on the skills and technique necessary to move to the AT-201 level and learn to dance in close embrace as it’s danced in Buenos Aires.

Continuing Education:

AT-201: Tango Int\Adv: This class focuses on specific intermediate\advance topics such as volcadas, sacadas, more complicated sequences, etc…  The topics are announced on our weekly newsletter.


From time to time, TampaTangoArgentino will teach workshops that focus on specific topics.  Workshops are usually 1.5 hours long and are more intensive than a regular class and are announced on the weekly newsletter.


Milonga “De Los Viernes” (Every Friday from 9pm-12am)

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