OUr 8 Week Intensive Beginner Program

New Session starts April 2nd, 2018 from 7-8pm


This 8-week course is designed to teach you the fundamentals to dance Argentine Tango. You will learn the basic elements, the proper technique to lead and follow, foot positioning and sequences to get you dancing right away. The classes are taught by Victoria & Federico (owners and instructors) from Argentina in a fun environment and will give you the perspective from a man and woman’s role. The program also includes two “guided practicas” to give students the opportunity to practice the material learned and work with instructors to answer questions and clarify concepts.

No partner or experienced is required. 

EARLY BIRD by 3/19. Register soon as classes fill up quick!

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What to wear

Casual Clothing (guys, no shorts)
Shoes that can pivot (or socks)
Yourself ready to have fun


8 Week Introductory OFFER (New Students ONLY)

Benefits of Learning Tango



Learn something new, something exciting that you have never done before! It’s the chance to connect with people and get out of the usual routine – all while having fun! You don’t need experience or a partner, just your desire to have fun!

Meet People

Argentine Tango attracts a large diversity of people from around the world. You will meet lots of interesting people, create long term relationships, widen and enhance your social circle and have a new cultural experience.

Health Benefits

Dancing Argentine Tango improves physical and mental health, balance, flexibility, coordination & posture. It provides a state of active meditation and of being present and mindful. It helps combat stress and increase self-confidence.

For All Ages

Argentine Tango is for all ages and it’s never too early or late to start dancing. It teaches you to communicate with people without words, just with an embrace. People only wish they would have started earlier.

A little bit about argentine tango

Argentine Tango started in the late 1800s as a result of a massive immigration to Buenos Aires. The majority of immigrants were single men hoping to earn their fortunes and return to their home countries. Tango started spreading in the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires in places such as bars and brothels. Eventually, wealthier people become aware of Tango as it spread to other neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The worldwide spread of Tango occured in the early 1900s when wealthy Argentines introduced it to Europe and by 1913 it was an international phenomenom in Paris, London and New York. The Golden Age of Tango occured between 1930-1955 where it became a fundamental expression of Argentine culture. Today, Tango is danced socially all over the world at “Milongas” or Tango dance socials and in 2009 it was declared Intangible Cultutal Heritage of Hummanity.

Origin Year of Tango

Tango arrives in Paris

Start of Golden Age

Declared Integible Heritage of hummanity

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