The passion, the connection, the embrace…..two dancing as one. That is Tango! Share Tango!

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Asi Se Baila El Tango….

A few months ago, during a trip to Prague, we attended a small performance by a well known violinist and pianist.  The …

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Don’t Derail

Why is it that many tangueros and tangueras have a hard time walking in a straight line?  Many times, it could be …

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Focus on Your Tango Community!

Everyone in a Tango community should be focused on growing the community at large, creating better dancers, better leads, better followers, better …

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Tango Etiquette!

I know that everyone has heard about Tango Etiquette and the Codes of the Milonga at one point or another;  but hearing …

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The First Dance!

Imagine this…  You are attending an out of town Milonga and signal a lady that you have never met to dance using …

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The Cabeceo!

You may be wondering, what is the ‘cabeceo’?  You may think that it’s just the way a milonguero asks a lady to …

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Focus on Technique!

Always remember that what matters most are NOT how many different steps you know; focus on your technique, on having a comfortable …

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