I know that everyone has heard about Tango Etiquette and the Codes of the Milonga at one point or another;  but hearing about it and applying it are two different things and most often than not, Tangueros and Tangueras forget or decide not to use them…why?  These codes were created by the milongueros back in the day for a reason and learning them and using them enhances everyone’s experience at a Milonga; plus, it furthers your knowledge of Argentine Tango and culture.

  • Safe Navigation:  respect the line of dance (counter-clockwise), stay in your lane, no passing, zig-zaging, keep traffic flowing, avoid obstructions.  Avoid HIGH boleos or steps that require lots of space in crowded Milongas and could cause crashes or injury
  • Asking/Accepting:  Use the cabeceo when inviting.  No stalking, cutting in.  ”NO” means “NO”
  • NO Teaching:  This is a big one.  Please, NO TEACHING at a Milonga.  A Milonga is to have fun and not for teaching or criticizing
  • Embrace:  Should be comfortable.  No head-pushing.  Close embrace is by mutual consent
  • While Dancing: NO talking, singing, interrupting.  Focus on the music and your partner
  • Hygene:  Shower, clean clothes, dry change of clothes, anti-perspirant, breath mints

Become familiar with these and apply them at your local Milongas. Many people don’t know these, but in Buenos Aires some dancers get warned and then asked to leave if not respecting the codes of the Milonga!

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