Imagine this…  You are attending an out of town Milonga and signal a lady that you have never met to dance using the “cabeceo”.  You take her to the dance floor, embrace and take your first step.  Will she be able to tell how good or bad the dance and tanda will be before you start dancing?

Most of the times she will (specially if she is more experienced).  But what tells her whether it will be a good tanda or bad?  There are may things that can tell us way before we take the first step:

  1. The “cabeceo” is the first sign.  Those who use the cabeceo have invested time in learning the codes of the Milonga, the culture of Argentine Tango, the why…
  2. The “embrace” is the another sign.  The way you embrace and connect will most likely tell you how the dance will be.  The embrace has to be comfortable, cozy.  The follower needs to feel protected and be able to trust you.
  3. Last, but not least: the “first step”.  It does not matter if it’s a side, forward, etc…  But it does matter how you execute that step.  If it’s rushed, it’s no good!  Feel it, enjoy it and take your time.  Faster is not better!  Show your partner that you can lead her and trust you.

Many people neglect these concepts and take them for granted, not knowing that they play a very important role in the dance!  We hope you use these tips.  We would love to hear back on your thoughts when you have tried them.

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