Tango tips

Tango Etiquette!

I know that everyone has heard about Tango Etiquette and the Codes of the Milonga at one point or another;  but hearing about it and applying it are two different things and most often than not, Tangueros and Tangueras forget or decide not to use them…why?  These...

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Adding TANGOFLEX to your Dance Routine

Being able to control your body and create movement using the core will go a long way on your Tango dancing…  Exercises (balance, disassociations, control, coordination) should all be part of your dancing routine. TANGOFLEX is a program that I created to increase...

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Tips for Improving (or starting) your Tango

If you have been dancing Argentine Tango for several years, you may have probably already realized that it does not matter how many classes, practicas or Milongas you attend a week, or how much you want to improve and get better at your dancing; there is one component...

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Asi Se Baila El Tango

A few months ago, during a trip to Prague, we attended a small performance by a well known violinist and pianist.  The performance was in one of the beautiful rooms in a museum with an attendance of about 10-20 people.  One of the things I...

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